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Biotique kajal is ideal for Indian skin and climate. I was used to my home made kajal and hence had to wait for my grandmother to make me a batch every time so the biotique kajal which is also herbal by the way was just so convenient and a life saviour ,I feel kajal completes the look for any body, the  fact that it adds life to ones eyes and face is proof enough .

The biotique herbal stick comes in the shape of a lipstick, and is very well  packaged. It costs about a 100 Rs and lasts for more than 3 months if used regularly. It has smudge proof casing which protects any kind of dust settling  on the kajal which could be very harmful to the eye.

Another advantage being that you do not require any sharpener to make the kajal sharp when used extensively. It has a rotating movement just like the lipstick where you swirl enough to use and close it. Its pure black in colour and has herbal ingredients which are cooling and good for the eyes.

The negative aspect of it is just that the kajal tends to smudge especially during the summer months and you do end up looking like a raccoon or have a severe case of dark circles, also since there so many colors to choose from the younger generation might not appreciate it as much as the older generation. Replication is necessary when you accidentally rub your eye and its not waterproof

.Contributed by Poorna S
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