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Since most of us do tend to neglect our skin on the body, it tends to look very uncared
for, especially when you wear clothes like sarees and formal skirts and  blouses, which tend to expose areas of skin ,which normally tends to be covered when you are attired in formal pants and salwar suits


I found this product called the Clarins White Plus Body Mist to be  convenient and all in one product for skin care on body as it hydrates skin, secondly removes the uneven skin tan and makes the skin fair and supple and also it has a fantastic smell which doubles up for a perfume.

It comes in a aerosol can where you can just spray the cream which incidently is very light in consistency right after your bath and your skin absorbs it right away leaving your skin looking glossy and hydrated. The best part of this product is that its light ,least time consuming and convenient to use. I would highly recommend the use of this product.

The downside of the product is that it is priced at Rs 1500,which could cut into your budget and as a result people tend to back away and settle down for cheaper product.

it costs about Rs1500 for 150 ml, and if you use it on a daily basis it could last you for 3 weeks and if you use it sparingly it could last you for a month. But then I strongly believe that sometimes you have to spend if you want quality.


It can be purchased in any clarins counter at leading shopping malls and I 've been using it for 3 years

Contributed by Poorna S
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