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Dark circles are formed under the eyes due to lack of  sleep, health problems and sometimes due to heredity. The skin in this area is very delicate and incorrect  massage of  cream and wrong techniques can cause severe problems.

 Some of the home remedies for preventing and treating puffy eyes and dark circles under the eye are:


1. Cut slices of potato and keep them in the fridge not freezer, till they become cool and then place them on the eye for 10 minutes.


2. You can alternately use the juice of potato. After making the juice of  potatoes , you can dip cotton in the juice and place the soaked cotton on the eyes. Take a potato, wash thoroughly and peel the skin off ,next take a grater and shred the potato the mass you get at the other end has to be squeezed and voila you have your potato juice ,you can also grind the potato chunks (raw) in the grinder and squeeze the juice out off it

3. You can also keep cold tea bags and then place them on the eye.  Do not use the teabags you have just removed from your tea cup, keep them in the refrigerator till them become cold and then use them.

4. Make sure you protect your eyes from strong sun glare by using a good pair of sun glasses . A good quality pair of glasses should have enough protection to block out UVA and UVB rays.

5. If  you use the computer continuously for a long time, use a good pair of anti computer glare glasses as there is a lot of strain on your eyes .

6. Eat healthy food like carrot sticks with a dip and top your sandwiches with cooked spinach as these are good sources of Vitamin A .

7. Do not use poor quality eye make up. Use home made kajal or herbal products like biotique kajal which is good .

8. If you use an eyeliner, it should  be a good brand use . Use it for a short time only then discontinue using it, to prevent damage to the eye from continuous use.

9. Avoid sharing your mascara wand and kajal pencil with anyone as it can spread bacterial infections.


10.Cucumber slices help to clear dark circle under eye. Also, Cotton dipped in rose water helps to clear this dark circle.


We hope these remedies solve your problem. If they don't , join our wellness forum, our members will help you solve your dark circles problem.

Although dark eye circles and eye bags cannot be avoided completely as we get older, they can be mitigated by taking good care of the skin under your eyes. Learn more at www.beautyhealthage.com/remove-eyebags to have brighter and younger looking eyes the natural way.

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