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 Dry hair is caused by hereditary reasons, washing hair more than twice a week, lack of nutrients, using hair dryers and other hair treatments. Though some of  the causes can be prevented by taking proper care of  your hair, some additional treatment is often required. Many of the home remedies for treating dry hair are simple:

1.  Massage head with coconut oil or olive oil before going to bed. Leave on head overnight. Wash off  the oil  in the morning.  For very dry hair, oil massage should be done twice a week, otherwise it can be done once a week. A hot oil massage may be more effective. 

2. While taking bath apply a conditioner on the hair. The conditioner should be applied to both the scalp and the hair. Cover it with a bath cap (or a plastic cap) for 30 minutes and wash it away.


3. Make a mixture of  2 raw eggs, 1 tablespoon olive or coconut oil and 1 tablespoon lime juice. Apply it on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Shampoo the hair well and rinse it thoroughly.


4.Do not wash your hair with soap and shampoo often, as this will make the hair dry and brittle. Also brush hair only with a comb with big teeth. Do not brush your hair too often.

5. After washing your hair, let it dry naturally. Avoid using hair dryers, hair curlers and hair straighteners on your hair. These products use heat and damage the hair when used repeatedly. Hair dyes and colors also cause dry hair.


6. Ensure that your diet contains nutrients required for healthy hair growth - proteins, vitamin E. Drink plenty of  water.


7. Curd and aloe vera juice are natural conditioners for hair.


We hope these remedies solve your problem. If they don't , join our wellness forum, our members will suggest remedies for your dry hair.

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