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This good product is just what the doctor ordered for dry skin during the harsh cold season. It comes in very attractive packaging and has a very pleasant perfume to it.
It costs about Rs 75 for 125 ml, and is available in all shops all over India. .

This is very suitable for dry and sensitive skin as this can soothe and restore the skin's suppleness, leaving it unbelievably soft to the touch. The creamy light texture is instantly absorbed and the contents boasts of natural ingredients like oil extracted from black currants, avocados and olives. It is highly affordable price wise and can be carried around in your purse and can be used on children also.

The down side is that the amount of cream you get in the bottle i.e 125 ml is too less as you need to use it daily and the only problem is that you tend to keep buying it also at times when you tend to overdo with the lotion application you tend to smell like a eraser.
Contributed by Poorna S
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