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More home remedies


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 Nails are used for various daily activities and are an indicator of a person's health. Many common nail problems like brittle nails and yellow nails are due to misuse of the nails. These problems can also be very painful. Some of the home remedies for treating and preventing nail problems are:

1. Nails become brittle due to loss of  moisture. Vegetable oil  will help the nails retain moisture. Apply a small amount of coconut or any other vegetable oil to the fingernail. Massage the oil into the nail. This should be done 3 to 4 times a day and will also improve blood circulation. 

2. Eat food rich in the vitamin B biotin which is required for the growth of nails. Peanuts, egg yolk, mushroom, bananas, cauliflower contain Vitamin B. Fresh carrot juice contains calcium and phosphorus required for stronger nails.


3. Though nails become brittle as part of  the aging process, exposure to chemicals usually makes it worse. Use gloves while handling cleaning liquids and detergents. After swimming, wash your nails thoroughly.

4. Exposure to heat while cooking and during winter can make your fingernails brittle. Try to cover your fingernails if  temperatures are high.

 Long nails are more likely to crack or break off, so keep the nails short. Also avoid using acrylic nails.


5. To whiten yellow nails, take a small amount of fresh lemon juice. Soak the nails in the lemon juice for several minutes and repeat the procedure a few  times a week. 


6. Denture tablets and whitening polish may be used to whiten nails. Smoking and nail polish make the nails yellow, so avoid smoking or using nail polish. If  nail polish has to be used, a clear base polish will protect the nails.


7. If you bite your nails, spray the nails will a pepper or chilli spray. This will automatically prevent you from biting your nails further. 


We hope these remedies solve your problem. If they don't , join our wellness forum, our members will help solve your nail problem.

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