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 Stretch marks are formed when a person suddenly gains weight as the skin stretches quickly. Scars may be formed due to pimples, boils or injuries. They gradually fade away after some time or as the person loses weight. Hereditary factors also affect the formation of stretch marks, and some people do not have any stretch marks despite gaining weight. 

Some of the home remedies for making scars and stretch marks fade away or less noticeable are:

1. Cocoa butter is used for both preventing stretch marks and treating them. If the weight gain is due to pregnancy, the cocoa butter should be rubbed daily on the affected area. Cocoa butter should be applied to the skin soon after a warm water bath, when the pores are open and the cocoa butter is easily absorbed.  Shea butter may also be used instead of  cocoa butter.

2. A mixture of  olive oil and herbs or olive oil can be applied daily  to the skin to treat  stretch marks. Castor oil could be used to make them fade.


3. Vitamin E oil or cream can be applied to the skin in the affected areas, every day . The cream should be applied overnight. Taking Vitamin E capsules also helps to reduce the stretch marks. Some people break the capsules and apply the oil directly on the scars or stretch marks.

4. Aloe Vera gel and fresh lemon juice can be applied to the scars, so that they fade quickly. Alternately a moisturizing cream with aloe could be applied to the scars . Aloe leaves from the aloe plant can also be used.

5. A paste of turmeric and milk or curd will make the skin fairer and the scars will become less obvious. The paste should be washed away after it dries on the skin.

6. Brush the skin with a scrub or loofah when you take a bath, to improve circulation


7. Increase the intake of  foods containing Vitamin A, E and C like carrots, papayas, tomatoes . Also food rich in essential fatty acids like fish oils will help in growth of skin cells.

We hope these remedies solve your problem. If they don't , join our wellness forum, our members will help you make your skin clear.

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